8 Best Ways To Get Into A Better Mood Naturally

8 Best Ways To Get Into A Better Mood Naturally

The decline in happiness and mood is not new to any of us. Who does not want to be in a natural happy mood? Gone are those stress-free days of childhood where happiness was just getting your favorite toy or food or just candy. In this contemporary era, our lives have become so busy and hectic with multiple responsibilities at job and home that we are just sinking in the marsh of the stress unknowingly.  

At times, you must have also thought,” wish I could restart my life and do things better”. However, the reality is that we cannot change the past but we can make our present and future better. Today’s blog is going to throw light on the best ways to boost mood naturally. 

Bad mood could make you tempt and turn to your favorite foods to lift your spirits but sugary and high-calorie foods are equally dangerous to health. It’s better to eat healthy food. Certain foods have shown positive signs of improving mood disorders. Food items like dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables, folate-rich foods such as broccoli, sprouts; chamomile, lavender tea, Omega 3 etcetera are believed to be related to emotional health and hence, act as a mood booster.

Exercising is one of the best ways to ward off depression and stress. There are many types of workouts, exercises and yoga poses to practice for shedding off that unnecessary burden from the mind. Keeping the body active and fit helps in releasing the happy hormones - endorphins, dopamine, serotonin. If you find yourself in a low mood, go for a quick 5-10 minutes' walk or engage in some activity that can improve blood flow and boost the mood.

Not getting proper and enough hours of sleep can also lead to a bad and depressed mood. Studies have found that daily mood and sleep habits are related. Sleep disturbance and poor sleep quality are associated with a wide array of physical and mental health issues. When you sleep soundly, your body undergoes four stages - body temperature drops, muscle relaxation, balanced heart rate, and breathing normalized. These progressions in sleep help the physical and mental health heal and rejuvenate for the next day.

To boost your mood, you might need social media detoxification. Social media is a platform where what you see is not always true and correct. When you see your friends, family, and others on social media, you may feel depressed with their smiles, happiness, and laughter. But little did you know, it is not always the same offline as it is shown online. This puts unnecessary pressure on the mind and makes us feel more isolated and lonelier.

Society is an integral part of one’s life. We are born it and our identity is shaped by it. Research has shown that almost 1 in 5 Americans suffer mood disorders among which mostly are 1 and above in age. To maintain mental health, it is always good to socialize with people, meet them and talk to them face to face. It helps in bursting the stress by releasing dopamine - the feel-good hormones.

Water is the source of more positive things and acts as a mood buster. Severe dehydration can impact one’s mood adversely y leaving them unhappy, confused, and with low self-esteem. Drinking a minimum of at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. If you do not like to drink plain water after nearly every hour, you can try adding some flavors to the water.

Staying in touch with nature helps in healing the mental stress and depression. Studies have shown that the levels of productivity and a sense of overall wellbeing increases when we are outdoors and strolling by the side of nature. Experiencing the sound of flowing water, chirping birds, walking in the woods can help in reducing stress.

CBD (cannabinoid) appears to have immense benefits for boosting mental health and mood disorders. In 2010, a study has shown positive impacts of CBD in treating social anxiety and depression. Later another research in 2018 found that CBD oil has anti-depressant like effects and promotes healthy sleep patterns.

Please note - CBD may have anti-depressant effects but it is not at all substitute for any type of medication.

How to use CBD?

CBD is available in 4 major forms -

1. Oral CBD - CBD is available in the form of tinctures, capsules, oils, sprays, etc. You can consume them directly or add them to your favorite food for consumption.

2. Edible CBD - CBD is also available in the form of gummies. You can chew them based on the doctor’s recommendation per day.

3. Vaping CBD - Vaping CBD in the form of smoke or puffs is considered one of the easiest ways to consume CBD.

4. CBD Topicals - CBD topicals are also available in the market. These have nothing to do with mental health or mood uplifting. These are useful for applying on the skin for pain relief or skin health enhancement.

Advice - Please consult your doctor before starting with CBD. There are possibilities that CBD may not be suitable for you if you are under any medical treatment.

Where can you buy CBD?

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The Bottom Line

Our happiness depends on various factors. The way we live, spend time, lifestyle choices we make have a huge impact on our mood and mental health. We hope that the above-mentioned mood booster hacks can help you come out of your sad and isolated life. Let us know in the comments how do you survive in a low mood, anxiety, sadness and depression.