Chlamydia is an infection that is caused predominantly by bacteria. It is a prevalent, sexually transmitted disease (STD). People who suffer from chlamydia don’t often exhibit several external symptoms from the early onset of the condition. There are several nasty complications that come with the maturity of untreated chlamydia. It is imperative to get regular screenings for STDs when you are positive that you have chlamydia or have received such a diagnosis from a certified doctor already. In most cases, having sex without a condom and having unprotected oral sex with your partner are the main ways by which chlamydia can be transmitted. Penetration is not an essential precondition for the spread of chlamydia. It can spread without the occurrence of penetration too. The touching of an infected genital with an uninfected one can also spread the disease. Chlamydia can also be transferred from an infected mother to a newborn baby during pregnancy. Hence, most prenatal testing includes a chlamydia test. If an infected genital has come in contact with the eyes of an uninfected person, the disease may spread. However, these are not some of the most common ways of transmission.

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