Female humans have two main sex hormones in their bodies - progesterone and estrogen. Estrogen is primarily responsible for controlling the physical features of a female and taking care of reproduction. Physical changes in a woman during the puberty phase Growth of breasts, Growth of pubic and underarm hair, beginning of menstrual cycles. Estrogen is also responsible for controlling the menstrual cycle and is directly involved with the process of childbirth. Estrogen - besides regulating the reproductive system of females - also plays a very important part in keeping control of other things like cholesterol, bone health, and mental health. The main source of estrogen in a human’s body is a woman’s eggs. The adrenal glands (located at the top of each kidney) make small amounts of this hormone, including fat tissue. Like other hormones, estrogen is secreted in your body through the blood and also transported through it. While a deficiency of estrogen in females can cause low sexual desire and hot flashes, an excess of estrogen can cause symptoms like loss of sex drive, weight gain, fibroids, or fibrocystic breasts.

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