The labia are the ‘lips’ present on the outside of a woman’s genitals or vulva. They protect the clitoris, vagina, and the urethra, and they often become engorged during sexual activity. There are two pairs of labia in a woman - the lips on the outside of the vagina are known as the labia majora, and the folds of the skin that lead to the inside of the vagina are known as the labia minora. The size, shape, and color of the labia are different for different women. The dimensions of the individual lips might also differ from woman to woman. One lip can vary in size and shape, and color from the other lip of the labia. The labia is a susceptible part of the body of a woman. Hence, this region is very prone to developing rashes, lumps, cysts, and ingrown hair. Most women who have problems in their labia suffer from dermatological problems like dermatitis and psoriasis. There are certain acute conditions that women suffer from too. Conditions like labial hypertrophy are one of them. Labial hypertrophy occurs when one or both of the labia become bigger than usual. The labia might get enlarged; one might become bigger than the other, or, in some cases, the labia minora might extend past the labia major.

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