Neuro Plasticity

In simple terms, it can be explained as the ability of our brain to adapt. Our senses gather data as we interact with the environment. This data is then converted into electrochemical signals, which is then processed by our brain. As it keeps processing the data, neurons present in our brain keep forming new connections. The more we think the more connections our brain forms. Polish neuroscientist Jerzy Konorski was the first person who tossed the term, “Neuro Plasticity” in 1948. Interestingly, it didn’t get much attention of scientists and neurologists till 1960. However, it is believed that the father of neurology, Santiago Ramón y Cajal tossed the term first in 1900. According to a study, stress can cause severe damage to the connections of neurons. Other neurologists implied, from the changing tendency of the brain, that it never remains the same.

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