As its name suggests, it has a relation with bone pores; when bones are seen with a microscope, they are found to have a honeycomb-like structure. During Osteoporosis, the pores of the bones get wider, which further leads to the easy breakdown as they get fragile and weak. The most common affected spots during Osteoporosis are ribs, hips, wrist, spine, etc. It is hard to diagnose and it can happen to a person irrespective of his or her age Osteoporosis is quite common among elders, especially in women. In this condition, people can have their bone broken even while doing simple tasks, like walking or even standing, depending upon the bone’s condition. Sudden loss of height or curved upper part of the body is the indication of Osteoporosis; excessive weight loss and back neck pain are included. When it gets serious, even a strong sneeze is enough for a fracture; therefore, it is better to see a doctor if you find any of the mentioned symptoms. In elders, it even limits their ability to move on their own.

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