Vaginismus occurs when the vaginal muscles are involuntarily or persistently contracted or tightened when vaginal penetration is attempted. Vaginal contractions can happen during sexual intercourse, which can make coitus very painful. This condition can act up when a partner attempts penetration when a woman inserts a tampon or when a woman is touched near the vaginal area. In usual circumstances, vaginismus does not interfere with the libido of a woman. However, it can play a very strong role in preventing vaginal penetration. There are several causes of vaginismus. Past sexual abuse or trauma, Past painful intercourse or other emotional factors that act up during sexual intercourse Symptoms of vaginismus include the involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles. However, the severity of the condition is a factor that varies from woman to woman. In any case, the constriction of the vagina is what makes vaginal penetration difficult, or sometimes, even impossible. Women who suffer from vaginismus often report a burning or stinging pain or sensation whenever something is inserted into the vagina. However, having vaginismus does not mean that you cannot experience sexual pleasure altogether. Women who have vaginismus have reported high libido and orgasms.

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